About Us

Disneyy Den Little Angels - A Portrait

Disneyy Den Little Angels was established on 15 August 1998,initiated a phase of revolution in pre-school education. The new age learning system, latest infrastructure along with audio-visual aids, stage exposure for each child, woke up all the parents to the fact that now these little wonders can be nurtured with love and compassion. We provide our little bundles of joy with space to foster their physical development. The colourful, nurturing, safe and loving environment allows them to enjoy their childhood and thrive. Our school is a hallmark of true colours of childhood and provides equal opportunity to all our little diamonds to shine brightly.

Mrs. Upasna Dewan (Principal)

In 1998, Mrs. Upasna Dewan opened a colourful, cheerful and child-oriented school in 5E/16, N.I.T. Faridabad 121001. She began with a strong focus on 'learning while playing'. As an educationist, she believes in educating the child, physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially. Mrs. Upasna Dewan has been honoured by many big schools for her stupendous performance in the field of education in the last 24 years.

Mission Vision

Children are the most valuable resource of the nation. The school wants the children to develop in a natural environment where they can laugh, play, learn, have fun in a fruitful way. To accomplish this goal, the school is equipped with qualified teachers who are passionate about meeting the developmental and educational needs of children. The parent-teacher relationship, works hand-in-hand to continually improve the education experience for students within and beyond the classroom.